Generator Rental


We offer diesel generators on hire that can provide 30 KVA – 500 KVA power. Our Diesel Generator sets are embedded with the best quality sound proof system that assures users of minimal noise. The acoustic enclosure is the standard scope of supply. Ideal for general purpose use, for standby purposes, and for use by insurance, construction, retail stores and banking sector, this ready-to-use generator can solve major power issues. We have a team of qualified, dedicated technicians taking care of servicing and maintenance of cluster identified by us. Standardized product network across 30 KVA to 500 KVA Diesel Generator assures users of enhanced efficiency and uptime. Our range of services also extends to providing fuel services and distribution panel.

Vivaan Tech Diesel Generator Rental Company

The Diesel Generators on Hire with Vivaan Tech is cost efficient package equipment. The equipment is optimized with best industrial parts to make it fuel efficient. With the 24*7 Onsite support at affordable rates, the Diesel Generator are very durable. Durability and reliability of the equipment reduce your production downtime. The 30 KVA, 60 KVA, 125 KVA, 250 KVA and 500 KVA diesel generators range of output gives your unit ample flexibility to switch to equipment that meets your changed requirement. Our Polyurethane coated canopy packaged diesel generator on hire requires minimum installation time to save you any infrastructural change or delay. High-end technology and compact designs make them the first choice for all fields.

The Diesel generator on hire is built upon highly reliable technology making them safe to be used in any type of premises. The usage panels are electronic microprocessor based offering comprehensive readings. The technical workforce makes regular visits to the installed diesel generator to ensure the smooth operations. The 125 KVA diesel generators on hire engine comprises S type fuels pump which offers better efficiency and the hydraulic latch adjuster provision of the cold advance switch makes it ideal for industrial applications. The voltage is regulated automatically to safeguard your other equipment from any fluctuation damages. Load dependent start-stop system ensures no wastage of idle power generation. Remote monitoring of the diesel generator saves time and makes monitoring easy. The diesel generator on hire is perfectly operable in marine environment also. The generator on hire provides unlimited hours of backup and temporary overloading of 10%. The robust engines play a vital role in the best outputs with low emission and higher efficiency saving you redundant costs. The engines with high capacity ensure the diesel generators respond to load changes quickly. You have a range of catalog to choose from us with the diesel generator itself supporting the range of outputs and the different diesel generator on hire giving you 30 KVA, 60 KVA, 125 KVA, 250 KVA and 500 KVA outputs makes us versatile to meet your needs.

The diesel generator on hire with Vivaan Tech are synchronizing with global technology trends and ever increasing user expectations. We ensure to give you the best diesel generator on hire with best services.

  • DG set range (30 KVA TO 500 KVA)
  • Fuel Management System
  • Distribution Panel Board
  • Lighting System

Vivaan has it all 625KVA – 1250KVA – Diesel Generator on Hire

Our range of 625 KVA – 1250 KVA diesel generator on hire are designed to help maintain a steady power supply in factories, data centers and other industries. We offer these acoustic enclosed GenSet on rent and ensure excellent back up service with the help of our well-trained technicians. We have invested in training our manpower to handle any power related crisis and ensure that our customers enjoy uninterrupted power supply with optimum uptime. Fast mobilization and enhanced flexibility is assured of with our generators that come with a perfect grid paneling. Prevent any loss that may occur through extensive power outages by renting high performance generators from us.

We are a generator rental company empowering our clients with the range of 625 KVA – 1250 KVA diesel generators on hire. These acoustic enclosed diesel generators on rent are assembled to optimize operating economy, reliability and long life. Renting diesel generators is always a cost effective option over purchasing it but the initial rental cost, fuel, lubrication oil, maintenance, and overhaul are to be well considered before deciding on the generator rental company. Our 625 KVA – 1250 KVA generators on rent solution is competitively cost-effective and the optimized maintenance program ensures you 100% uptime. The best quality assembly parts of the diesel generators on hire gives you the lowest life cycle cost of equipment.

How we maintain your generator on hire and give fuel efficient output?

The diesel generator has emission under limits, in turn, improving the fuel efficiency at your chosen range of operating loads. The enclosure is UV resistant so it can withstand extreme weathers safeguarding the diesel engine, alternator, and other internal parts.

What are our standards of optimized operations?

Our high standard trained technical staff excels in customer satisfaction.

    • Quick and safe installation of the diesel generators on rent.
    • Guiding you to decide the perfect match from our range of 625KVA – 1250KVA diesel generators on hire.
    • Training the onsite technical staff on the usage of panels.
    • Performance integrity of the assembled equipment is supported with our pan India network of the strong technical workforce.

How do we ensure to give you seamless outputs and compliance standards?

  • 625KVA – 1250KVA Generators on hire with range of power output
  • Diesel Generators are paralleled with grid with synchronization of voltage, frequency, and phases.
  • STEP UP outputs to meet the varying load protection standards.
  • Fuel Management System- Regular Fuel test runs are done to ensure removal of contaminants, fuel leaks, and good fuel consumption.
  • Temporary Power Plant on Unit Basis.
  • Exhaust System on Rent to meet the govt. standards of emission of exhaust from diesel generator on rent.
  • Remote monitoring of the equipment with microprocessor based panel control.
  • Zero idle power generators with our loaded dependent start-stop mechanism of diesel generator on hire.

The power rental needs do not end at diesel generators so we stock them all for you ranging from:

The diesel generator has emission under limits, in turn, improving the fuel efficiency at your chosen range of operating loads. The enclosure is UV resistant so it can withstand extreme weathers safeguarding the diesel engine, alternator, and other internal parts.
  • Mobile Light Towers.
  • Step up transformers.
  • Step down transformers.
  • Dewatering services.
  • Air Compressors on rent.

Our relations as generator Rental Company since last 25 years is purely based on the trust we have built up with our clients by providing them the best in our niche.

We as a generator rental company do understand the essence of a one-stop solution for your entire power requirement. Right from the decision making to maintenance, we ensure you are provided with the best diesel generator on rent that gives your industrial plant or data center an uninterrupted power supply cost effectively. Our high-performance diesel generator on rent is an equipment to be trusted 10 on 10 for all your power needs.

  • DG set range (500KVA TO 2000KVA)
  • Synchronization with Grid / Changeover
  • STEP UP from 415 TO 6.6/11/22/33KV
  • Fuel Management System
  • Temporary Power Plant on Unit Basis
  • Exhaust System on Rent

Benefits of Mobile Generator Van on Hire

Don’t know who conceived the idea but it’s utterly brilliant keeping in mind the bulky size of the diesel generators and the ease the mobile generator van on hire provides for various purposes. The seamless power supply to any business plant is it a production industry or a service unit is the backbone for its production cycles and credibility. Thinking about renting or buying the diesel generator just weighing the options would be an ingenious step that could help you optimize your power segment funds.

The power equipment is the lifelines of any industry nowadays generator van on rent yields you the flexibility:

  • Buying Power equipments block the considerable amount of your capital investment. You can take a mobile generator van on hire saving you the buying capital and increases the liquidity to invest the same in the assets that will appreciate over the time.
  • With fast pace changing technology you need to keep all your mobile generator van updated with technology. Renting the equipment gives you a quick upgrade to a reliable, safe and cost saving option.
  • There might be a switch in your power needs suppose you switch from set up to production. It would cost you too much time to dispose of the old equipment and pick a new one appropriate in a tight production time frame.
  • Generator van on rent gives you easy and quick transportation handling.
  • The generator van on rent is a quick installation to a sudden need of power requirement.

Why choose a Mobile generator van on hire?

A mobile generator van is a very viable solution for the reliable power requirement. The generator van on rent provides:
  • Sound Proof power backup.
  • 24 * 7 Emergency support.
  • Ease of set up.
  • Best quality and energy efficient power backup.

How to choose the company that provides you mobile generator van on hire?

  1. ISO Certified Company that meets the service level agreements of customer expectations and satisfaction.
  2. NSIC-CRISIL Performance and Credit Rating Certificatesgives you the performance capability of the rental company.
  3. The previous clientele and the duration of association give you a fair idea of the stature of services the rental company will provide you.
  4. The workforce availability and technical capability of 24 * 7 to meet urgent downtimes.
  5. Ensure the generator van on rent is comparable to the best equipment as per current market trends so that you are powered in a cost effective way.
Vivaan ensures you the best generator van on rent with its pan India presence. The specially trained technical workforce keeps the generator van on rent in the best shape to capitalize your efficient fuel thus providing you 100% uptimes and ceaseless productivity cycles. Last 25 years have chiseled our services to meet every possible market requirement with the best services, equipment and maintenance cycles.